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VARA and Repeater Updates

I will be moving my VARA Digis to 145.770. This is the same frequency the state EOC is on, as well as some Digis closer to Little Rock. In an effort to align with other Emcomm facilities, we'll be going to 145.770. NA0D-10 is there now, the soon to be NA0D-12 in Van Buren will be there and Baxter will follow shortly. And wherever else I can stuff one of these things. Please update as needed.

Also found my APRS Digipeater with low power output. I think the old CDM might be giving up its ghost. I got it second-hundred hand and noticed it's not putting out much power. I will replace it tomorrow morning with a Motorola GM300 I had sitting here. This should be a transmit improvement but we will see. The fun never ends.

Parts are finally starting to arrive for 444.400 in Van Buren. Would like to have that one on the air soon. The link system is working well, Echolink is working well and so far so good. We do have a Broadcastify feed that I may move from a computer into Allstar itself. When I feel like abusing myself with the programming haha!

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