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VARA is back, sort of....

Good morning. In between all the stuff I've got going on right now, we did get NA0D-10 back established with a new radio. It's been tested and working well. HOWEVER, I seem to have lost NA0D-11 in Mountain Home. It appears to be offline or won't power up, "it" as in the computer there. I

make a visit this week and get that back going, as well as move to its new frequency. Worst case it will be the weekend but yeah. Something is up. Fix one, the other breaks. Isn't that how it goes? At any rate they should all be back.

Next, my Mountain Home repeater passed coordination and is now "official". I will do some work on that also but seems to do pretty well for what it is. I will test it next visit also. All 3 are hooked up full-time with each other using AllStar. Pretty neat. I may start putting some random nets on there here and there and give them some exercise. Either way we're on the move. My Van Buren machine is on the air but the antenna needs to get up into the air quite a bit and we're waiting for weather to behave before that can be done. Hopefully that happens in the next few weeks. Let ya know. Until then we chug along....

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