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More Parts Showing Up!

The Van Buren 444.400 is closer to being complete. DMK URI interface showed up today and a new repeater should be here tomorrow. For some reason, I've been using these old Kenwood TKR-820 machines since I kind of know my way around them and they're pretty cheap. Once I get all the sites I want to get going, I'll upgrade them one at a time to higher output power, etc. I also need to replace the antenna for the DVLDEN APRS site. It's a great site but the SWR is high, water gets in the coax and I'll have to figure out a way up there to either stop the water ingress or replace it. The water has been getting in there a long time so it may be more work. I am going to try and get a smaller antenna up about 100' and see if there is an improvement or loss in coverage first as I don't have the means to get 300' of new 7/8" coax now just for APRS. I have a feeling a new antenna at the site with fresh 1/2" coax at 100 feet might yield some major improvement. We shall see.

Broadcastify was loaded into the NA0D HUB Computer today so no more outside scanner. Seems to be working well and hears all the nodes, Echolink and beyond. I'll keep an eye on this. There is a streamer embedded on the front page of the site here. Otherwise here's a link

Some ask WHY YOU DO THIS?? I like EmComm, I like radio, and I like to build stuff. So I have opportunities to build things and one day they'll be used. I envision a full-time link system between all areas in the NW District of ARES/AUXCOMM for Arkansas that is available for inter-agency work. Local groups can use their local repeaters and these are just another tool. As the Assistant ARES SEC, RACES and AUXCOMM northwest coordinator, I want to do my part as people start to get involved or even re-involved with Emergency Communications. Stuff is open, use it. But I will keep adding so we have multiple layers of redundancy! Did I say I just like to build stuff??

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