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Brentwood/West Fork NA0D-R1

The amateur radio repeater is NA0D-R1, located in Brentwood, AR. It is designed to cover the southern portions of Washington County, however reaches well into the NWA on a mobile radio. The repeater, for now, is a Kenwood TKR-820 UHF Repeater. The antenna is a DB420 up about 300' on a commercial tower.


It is connected to the Allstarlink Network using Hamvoip Software via a Raspberry Pi, as well as Skywarn Plus weather alerting system. It is a memorial system in name of Dennis Robinson, KA4AFE (SK). 

It is battery backed up with emergency stand-by power. Can be used for ARES/RACES/SKYWARN/AUXCOMM traffic, general amateur conversation, as well as linked to other areas as needed via Asterisk.


Asterisk Node 60102 is the repeater and is connected to Hub 472350. To connect, use 472350.

There is also Echolink capability in the Hub, Echolink Node 196181 NA0D-R. Echolink will always be available at the Hub even if the repeaters aren't connected to it.  It is open to all licensed hams at all times. 

My deep appreciation to many ham operators that helped to get and keep this on the air.

Special shout to N5LSN, K5DVT, and WG5EEK. You fellas are amazing!

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Repeater Connections

The 444.000 repeater and a hub are connected to Allstar and Echolink for those interested.

Node 472350: NA0D Hub. Hub available for multiple connections with good fiber backbone. Hosts Echolink 196181.

Node 60102: NA0D Repeater. Reserved for outgoing connection only to the HUB.

Repeater system is Echolink capable. Echolink for now runs in the Allstar Hub. To connect using Echolink, it is at Node Number 196181, NA0D-R.

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