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Weather is Coming....

Well, I got a weather station that actually reports SOMEWHERE hooked up here at the house now. It's a "cheap" Acurite station, and some hacks are coming forth to send this information to APRS, CWOP, etc. More to come as I do it. It is at

We also got Allstar running on the repeaters, hub is up, powered with a backup and ready to rock. There is no more time announcements, it annoyed me. So it probably annoyed you. But it does have SkywarnPlus weather alerts loaded up and is working great with that, Echolink and beyond. Jon, K5DVT and I have them linked back and forth to his SKYWARN Hub, so there is added benefit for weather spotting. Speaking of weather spotting, there is weather coming this week and weekend (1/11/24) and we'll be watching/reporting anything severe. If you're a ham that likes public service and have some weather spotting training, check out and get involved! Few of us are getting things rounded up for the year and we'd love to have all hams, regardless of clubs or affiliation help out with some weather spotting...most certainly helps the community!

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