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VARA-FM Update

So I've noticed that the VARA-FM station at the site seems to have a good chunk of interference on its RX. VARA is currently showing about -11dBm to -14dBm noise floor at idle and should be much better than that. There are a couple of ferrite chokes on the line but the next option is to get a better, longer USB cable and do some troubleshooting. I actually relocated the VARA system into it's own rack and it improved the noise from -4DBm to -14dBm at idle so we're on the right path. We want this noise floor to obviously be as low as possible so distant stations can connect without issues. Noise: bad. In the pictures, the first one is the site, second is my VARA-FM station at home and the third is a successful drive calibration using VARA-FM via a Signalink USB interface. I will work on this and update when we find a solution!

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