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Repeater and VARA Post

Started on some script updates to Hamvoip on the ham repeater. Everything is running smooth. Hamvoip comes with some scripting for top of the hour ID and weather announcements. I've limited them now from 8AM to 10PM. SkywarnPlus will still alert no matter what day or night it is. I may turn them off in time but during the day it reminds me to look at a clock sometimes. :)

Likewise, I took our DVLDEN digipeater to a site to let it run for a couple of days. Seems OK but still didn't figure out the ambient noise on the VARA radio with a brief visit. Moved some gear around and no difference. It may be the radio or the interface itself. I am going to try another test soon to see if the VARA receiver cleans up. I may also make DVLDEN an iGateor bring it back to the house unless I can find a duplexer. For the cost of a 0.6 MHz split capable VHF duplexer, it might be overkill for these two items for now. But stranger things have happened. Maybe I'll find one that won't break the bank and make it worth it. For now, VARA is passing traffic within 20 miles of it and APRS is working, but they do desense each other. A remedy soon....

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