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Repeater and APRS Updates

Updated: Jun 8

Haven't been here in a bit as I've been busy as all you know here's where we're at!

  • APRS died again at DVLDEN. I may not replace it. Not on a priority list as of now but maybe later. Tired of messing with it.

  • NA0D-11 VARA FM in Mountain Home has a new computer and is all set back up. Testing and working pretty well so far. It is now high speed capable. Will update the site later with the new additions.

  • HUB was relocated to Mountain Home now. On battery, still working and all normal.

  • URI sound card interface fried on the NA0D 444.050 repeater in MH. Other gear is working fine and is on the air with no link for now. New URI be here next week (its 6/7/24 now)

  • Winslow GMRS Repeater was repaired and working fine now.

  • All other gear is working, still waiting for a tower day to raise the antenna for the Van Buren ham repeater and GMRS repeater.

Why do I do this? I don't know. It's "fun" haha.

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