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NNX is back. More repeaters coming....

Well, maybe I'll settle on something but plans change and I am fluent in adaptation. :)

The NA0D hub is now NNX'ed again. I have decided to set up a repeater in Fort Smith/Van Buren that will link up to the NA0D Hub. Allstar only allows 2 "native" node numbers anymore, but have the ability to split current ones down to like 10 nodes. SO, we did that to the NA0D Hub for future expansion. 47235 is now 472350 (again) and Fort Smith when it comes online will be 472351. It will link to the hub full-time. This was decided because we have the space and feel there is a lot of weather spotting, net and other things I can help with and have decided to do more in that realm. More to come but things are up and running with the new NNX setup and connections are working. Talk soon....

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