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NA0D-11 VARA-FM/Packet in Mountain Home/Baxter

While I was building a new repeater, I had an extra mini computer and decided to set up another VARA-FM/Packet digipeater in Mountain Home. There are a couple here already, but this one is high up, has a decent antenna, and seems to provide good Baxter CO coverage and beyond. Like a dummy, I forgot to bring my portable VARA station with me to test so I suppose I'll rely on others until our next trip over. We'll probably be over in MH full time in another month or two finally. Luckily I can remote into it so adjustments should be easy as needed. We still need to do a few things for backup power but it seems like it is playing nice for now. I really believe deeply in Winlink and its emergency communications/AUXCOMM capabilities. I hope you will try to see if you can connect and even digipeat. Let me know if its not working or something is wrong in the mean time. I will probably upgrade the computer that is there to something a little more robust but the one that's there seems to work. I will update my VARA page soon with the particulars. If you are into providing emergency communications, try VARA-FM and Winlink. It is a very attractive mode for most authorities having jurisdiction that you might work with.

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