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Happy Easter! Busy weekend!

Well, got down to the West Fork site and got some jumpers replaced, lightning arrestors installed, tested things and all is well. All computers updated and everything back to normal. Looks like some nasty weather coming on April Fools Day (go figure) so we will be watching. Also got VARA-FM and ScannerCast to behave nicely on the same PC. We'll see how long that lasts. I now have my home VARA-FM up and running 24/7 instead of periodically checking. It does have VARA Chat, and although I played with it between to of my own stations, haven't used it yet otherwise. If it's left up constantly, there is a "ping" back and forth between stations that could clog the frequency. I opted to leave it off unless someone messages me that they want to try the VARA chat. I am still learning.

Not much more for now, got a couple repeaters possibly pending, as well as maybe some more VARA-FM gateways but we'll cross those roads as they come. Thanks for looking!

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