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Well, I got my Digipeater/Igate up and running in a way that I think I'll leave be for a bit. It favors the area around me obviously, but heads south also. This is a good thing as we'll have some improved APRS coverage to the south of the county and down I-49. Still testing. On a side note, however, I changed over to using Direwolf as the TNC software. What's nice about Direwolf is it is capable of doing everything by itself. As a side note, using Soundmodem still requires some sort of interface like YAAC or APRSICE, which getting them to run together sometimes gets to be a pain more than its worth. The mapping interface is nice for messaging and things and I still have that available. But DVLDEN (which used to be NA0D-15) is running unattended and Direwolf works better for that! I updated the APRS page and more will come as time permits!

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